Let's make networking more fun!

Short thesis

My name is Vasilis Gkogkidis, I work in gamifcation and this a fun session on a boat. I will do this session with Ercan Altug Yilmaz, a fellow gamification expert from Turkey.
The point we want to prove with this session called 'Let's make networking more fun!' is that games can be used to improve networking and the way we communicate and collaborate.


This is will be a fun little session on a boat. With this session we want to prove a point. Me and Ercan Altug Yilmaz will talk about how games can be used not only to break the ice between professionals and people that just met but also to promote communication and collaboration between them. What good is a networking session if at the end no one collaborate, right? We want to show you how games makes us work together despite our differences. 

Games create a safe space for the players where they can fail, have fun and explore. Explore possibilities and options and explore how they can interact with other people. Games are a medium that helps millions of people from around the world to collaborate on huge scales. Online games like World of Warcraft bring people together from different countries and continents. Relationships are forged through games and we want to show you that they can improve even a simple networking event. 

Join us to play Bingo that will help you know each other and Jenga in teams blindfolded that will teach you how to collaborate and work in teams even if you just met! 

We hope we will see you on the boat!

Vasilis and Altug