Ecopreneurship – responsible economy roundtable

Short thesis

Let's speak about ‚good‘ companys and how they need to be supported by good regulations on the national and European level. Those who produce at the costs of us all have to be stopped – because everybody gains from sustainability.


We founded a company working in teethcare – but we're also member of the german association for companys with an attitude for sustainability in their regular work („Unternehmensgrün – Bundesverband der grünen Wirtschaft“).

Even on EU-level we work with our association „ecopreneur“, that Axel supports as one of its advisors, with members from more and more EU-countries that follow the same idea.

Most of the decisions that end up in our daily life are being created in Brussels. And we all should be most happy for this. As the EU is the connecting factor that gives as all the chance to change things to the better in a much bigger style then working locally!

Let us take our life into our on responsibility!