The Climate Revolution will be Digitised

Short thesis

What if a climate action initiative were as popular as Uber? Imagine if for every apartment on Airbnb, the equivalent area of rainforest were restored. As daily habits, interactions and activities increasingly move online, tech companies have an unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of the global community and turn one of the most profitable, fast growing and global industries into the driving force behind accelerating climate action.


Climate change presents an unprecedented challenge to human society. Tackling it requires solutions that are global and cooperative. In recent years international organisations, NGOs, activists, researchers, scientists, governments and policymakers have come a long way in forming a cohesive movement towards a more sustainable and greener future. 

But that future still seems out of reach. President Donald Trump’s decision to remove the US from the Paris Climate Agreement highlighted the fragility of international commitments if member states fall under political or economic instability. Likewise, the recent surge of nationalist, inward looking politics leaves some countries ill suited, or unwilling to tackle global issues. But if we are to stand a chance of meeting targets set by the Paris Agreement, we need to find a way to scale up our efforts, in spite of individual government's failings. 

Large scale climate action cannot rely on public or philanthropic resources alone. The private and commercial sectors need to join the fight.

In this talk I will argue that the tech and online industry in particular have a unique opportunity to create lasting postive change, whilst remaining competive and profitable.