Benjamin Bendrich
Sportwissenschaftler/ Blogger

Bendrich writes about the politics of sports. For him sports and politics always mix. His research focuses are sports sociology, sports history and especially the current issues of intercollegiate athletics in Germany and the US. Bendrich is known as an expert regarding college athletics and elite sports. The author can refer to stays as a visiting scholar at American universities: 1. University of Texas at Austin, USA - as a Graduate Student, Kinesiology and Health Education, The College of Education / H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports (Institute for Olympic Studies). 2. University of Oregon, USA, Graduate Student, Robert D. Clark Honors College of the University of Oregon Author of a new book on intercollegiate athletics and the politics of sports, Bendrich has appeared on multiple radio, TV and conference programs including the Play the Game Conference in 2013 and 2015 in Aarhus (Denmark), the NASSH Conference 2012 in Berkeley, Califonia (USA), ISSA Conference in Glasgow (Scotland) and the ESA Conference in Turino (Italy). He has appeared on national radio (2016, Deutschlandradio) regarding the issue of student-athletes in Germany and on TV regarding the current issues of elite sports (2016, "sport inside/ WDR") . He also has worked as an expert for the latest corruption report on sports by Transparency International (2016). His recent book (Nov, 2015), is: "Studentischer Spitzensport zwischen Resignation, Mythos und Aufbruch- eine Studie zur dualen Karriere in Deutschland und den USA" can be ordered at


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